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  • How do I know if my wheel can be repaired?
    Most damage to your wheels can be repaired, including cracks, breaks, bends and all appearance defects like "curb rash" and clear coat peeling. However, if the damage has stressed or warped in the center structure of the wheel, it can not be safely repaired.
  • What is the average turn around time for repairs?
    The average turnaround time for repair requests is 24-48 hours. However, because every repair is different, some requests could take longer like chrome plating, re-drilling or special finishes, etc.
  • Can you repair enlarged lug holes do to a loose wheel?
    In most cases. We weld the damaged holes completely shut, and then re-drill and re-machine the damaged area. Then the wheel is refinished, because the extreme heat of the welding discolors the wheel. This service does require both additional time and expense.
  • I tried to straighten the wheel myself, and it cracked. What can you do?
    Repairing aluminum wheels is extremely complicated and should be left to the professionals. Unless the wheel was severely stressed, we can fix it.